Avoid Scope Creep

Do you have a number of initiatives that you and / or your team are working on ?


Are you overwhelmed with the magnitude of things that have to get done ?


Are you searching for the next big thing ?


My best guess is the answer to all or at least 2 out of 3 of these questions is … yes !


If so, we need you to step – back and take a look at what’s ‘eating and beating’ you up.


My leadership tip for you this week is two-fold … select 1 or both of these for implementation.


1. I encourage you to prioritize your initiatives and limit your involvement on the few that will have the greatest impact on your business in the shortest amount of time – you can’t do, nor should you try to do everything at once. Unfortunately, it’s about this time of year where we all begin to experience scope creep in our plans for the year.


2. Execute well on the little things and don’t worry about the next big thing – trying to deliver the next big thing will consume you and at this stage of the year, it’s best to stay focused on executing the little things.


To support my tips and to help put things in perspective, I offer you straight from my personal collection of ‘my clients said it and have given me permission to re-say it,’ these two quotes:


“You can only drink the ocean one drink at a time.” – thanks Tom !


“The next big thing is doing the small things right.”- thanks Ted !


Enjoy your leadership journey !

This article was used with the permission of leadership development expert, Randy Goruk. Visit his website and register to receive his complimentaryleadership tips: http://www.LeadersEdge360.com