The Best Way To Make A Decision


Last week we heard CVS Caremark make a major announcement – they have decided to no longer sell tobacco products from their drug stores.


Hip – hip hurray !


Personally, I applaud this decision of the leadership holding themselves accountable to align their decisions with their values.


They’re wanting to promote a healthier life-style to their customers.


They may have angered some customers … but they are doing the right thing.


Don’t you wish more companies would do the same ?


If your values talk about excellent service – then give us excellent service, not entry level service.


If your values talk about high quality products – then give us a high quality product.


If your values talk about respect for your employees – then demonstrate that respect.


My leadership tip for you this week is to remind you to look to your values when making decisions about your business. Hold yourself and your team accountable to make the right decisions for the right reasons, because your leadership credibility is at stake.


Test yourself; look at the last 5 – decisions you made, and ask yourself if they were consistent with the stated values of your organization?


If they were, smile and keep up the good work.


If they weren’t, well move on and do better next time.


Remember, leaders who lack credibility are not fully trusted by their followers and have a difficult time achieving a fully engaged workforce … which is critical to long-term organizational and leadership success.


Enjoy your leadership journey !

 This article was used with the permission of leadership development expert, Randy Goruk. Visit his website and register to receive his complimentaryleadership tips: