Choose Team Chemistry



At a presentation I did earlier this week on leadership strategies for full team engagement, I was asked many very good and thought provoking questions by members of the audience.


I’d like to share this one, and my response, with you.


What comes first; a team with great chemistry who generates success or great success that generates team chemistry?


This might be a ‘chicken and egg’ discussion for some, but for me it’s not.


I believe, a team with great chemistry will generate success faster than success finding the team.


My leadership tip for you this week is to be mindful of building a team with fantastic chemistry within your organization. If you do, the results of ‘sustainable’ success in growth and employee engagement will follow.


One of the most critical elements of achieve high levels of team chemistry is an alignment of values with the organization and with the teammates. Skill sets, backgrounds and experience may differ, but values must be aligned.


Depending on the position, but values like work ethic, integrity, customer focus, attention to detail, having fun and discretionary effort are a few that come to mind.

  • To ensure great team chemistry, begin in the recruiting process.
  • Identify candidates with the shared values and target them as potential teammates.
  • Have the team (or some of the team) be involved in the selection process.
  • During the hiring process, take the time to verify you’ve made the right choice.


As a leader, it’s your job to assemble the team and then create an environment where that team can be successful. Teams with great chemistry produce better results, faster, than teams that lack chemistry … and they can make leaders look great !


Enjoy your leadership journey !

This article was used with the permission of leadership development expert, Randy Goruk. Visit his website and register to receive his complimentaryleadership tips: