Passionate Leaders Get Results

With the Super Bowl coming up this weekend, I wanted to find one worthy leadership tip to share.
As you know, there are plenty of story lines in the game and leading up to the game.
I found one … and it’s a good one.
In case you didn’t see the story about the importance of leaders setting the stage, you can read about it here.
Here’s the short version … apparently the Denver Bronco’s off the field leader, John Elway, wasn’t happy with the team’s performance in a pre-season game.
” an agitated executive vice president of football operations gave a rare, honest, critical and emotional speech that day to make it clear a performance like that was well below the standards of an organization with its sights on playing into February.”
“Elway’s message, according to the players, was that kind of play won’t allow a team that last season dropped a playoff game to the Baltimore Ravens to advance further this year. The players said he challenged a “soft” defense to play better and let everyone in the room know they had the potential to do so much more.”
My leadership tip for you this week is to identify opportunities to display your passion by delivering a stump speech about the importance of high-level consistent performance and your expectations.
Nothing will get an organization more charged up and committed, as when the leader makes a passionate statement about ‘what’s important’.
“The players have pointed back to that fiery preseason talk from Elway as a turning point for this team’s work ethic. Before that meeting, they agree many in the room probably thought subconsciously this team would waltz back into the playoffs. After the speech, they knew they had to work hard every day to get there.”
The real message here is don’t tolerate mediocrity. If you see it, hear it or feel it … address it … and with passion, so everyone knows you’re serious.
Exceptional leaders lead with passion … and this is a great example from the business of professional sports.
Enjoy your leadership journey !
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