Retaliation Is Not A Leadership Attribute

I don’t think there is an argument when I say, leaders always do the right thing and they teach others to always to do the right thing as well.


Someone working at a McDonald’s restaurant complained to their boss that they smelled gas. Apparently, the boss ignored them – did nothing about it – so the employee reported the gas smell to authorities.


It was determined there was a gas leak and the restaurant was shut down.


The boss apparently wasn’t happy about it, retaliated by firing the employee. You can read the whole story here – it has a good ending.


Retaliation against someone for speaking up or doing the right thing is wrong and it highlights a significant leadership character flaw.


My leadership tip for you this week is to seek out opportunities to teach … encourage … appreciate … reward … empower and model doing the right thing.


Retaliation for anything … will have your organization working in fear. As a result, morale, productivity, creativity, customer service, quality and profitability will all suffer.


I know that I’m preaching to the choir on this one, but you may know someone who needs a little help in this area … so, don’t ignore it, help them – it’s the right thing to do.


Enjoy your leadership journey !



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